Running yearly since 2011, US in Progress is a unique bi-annual film industry event connecting European buyers and American independent filmmakers. It is a joint initiative of the Polish New Horizons Association and the French Champs-Elysées Film Festival.

'Menashe' producer Alex Lipschultz and Wojtek Janio of Fixafilm (post-producer of the film with US in Progress organizers at 2016 awards ceremony

Two market-type events take place

in Paris, France in June (during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival) &

in Wrocław, Poland in October (hosted by the American Film Festival).

[On the picture: ‘Menashe’ producer Alex Lipschultz and Wojtek Janio of Fixafilm (post-producer of the film) with US in Progress organizers at 2016 awards ceremony.]

US in Progress aims to strenghten the trans-Atlantic film industry collaborations and partnerships. US in Progress helps European film professionals to establish working relationships with new emerging American film talent in a safe and friendly environment and its objective is to sign distribution and post-production deals.

US in Progress Wroclaw presents 4-6 independent American narrative projects in final production stages; while Paris edition includes a larger number of narrative and documentary projects in various stages of production (30 minutes of footage is the minimum demand). The presentations are attended by selected group of:

  • top European buyers (sales agents, distributors and festival programmers),
  • post-production houses / investors.

The program objective is to help US independent filmmakers complete their projects and to foster the circulation and distribution of American indie films in Europe and trans-Atlantic collaboration in general.

US-produced projects are selected from an online (and free of charge) online calls for entries.

For Paris: open till April 30th 2018!!!, terms and conditions and form available HERE.

For Wroclaw: open till Thursday, August 30th (till midnight PDT) 2018. See the regulations and submit HERE.

General application requirements for the films are as follows:

  • Production company needs to be US-based.
  • Projects looking for post-production financing, services as well as for sales agent or European distribution should apply.
  • Projects with at least 30 minutes of the footage edited (submission requirement).
  • Films with NO premiere nor European sales representation prior to the presentation are eligible.

US in Progress is composed of invite-only screenings of the selected projects (8-10 for Paris and 4-6 for Wroclaw) in rough-cut stage with a filmmaker/producer in attendance (the organizers cover 1 team member’s travel).

Formal one to one talks and informal meetings facilitate further networking and exchange. Professional jury selects best projects awarded with post-production and distribution packages from our partners and sponsors and/or cash award ($8,000 in Paris).

The last Paris and Wrocław editions attracted more than 60 buyers and producers.

For past editions, comments of USinP alumni and press coverage look here.

For more details or further information contact Ula Sniegowska, Artistic Director of the AFF: