Urszula Śniegowska’s personal favorites for Independent Spirit Awards

24 February


Hey guys, it’s tonight! Yes, the 25th is the date that counts for the Indie World.

Independent Spirits is what we are and we care for those noms more.

2 titles in a tiny 5-title Best Feature category are overlapping with the Oscars. And these are the 2 that I would like to see winning today and tomorrow: Moonlight and Manchester By the Sea. Plus – of course – we stand with Andrea Arnold and her bitter drop in American Honey.

Add Jackie and Chronic and we have a great selection.

Among other categories, titles that premiered in Poland at the AFF: The Fits and Swiss Army Man as Best First Feature. Hope Anna Holmer (The Fits) gets the award.

Among Best Director noms: Jeff Nichols and my personal favorite Kelly Reichardt.

Fingers crossed!


Urszula Śniegowska