Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory

USA 2016 / 88 min

As the film’s main protagonist shows: to be a good father, you do not need to have a perfectly ordered life nor do you need to fit within the confines of generally accepted heterosexual norms. While Sidney dreams of having a career, he mainly spends his time wandering around Los Angeles trying to make ends meet. He spends his evenings performing as a drag queen, and, on top of that, he suddenly has to start taking care of his son, whose mother leaves him for unexplained reasons. This uplifting story is told at an unhurried pace in which Sidney talks with his friends and tries to make contact with his son, while his on-stage performances add a little color. And although it has all the makings of being unbearably sentimental, it is not like that even for a moment. Much of the credit for this goes to Tomas Paisa in the role of Sidney: rather than playing a stereotypical drag queen, he creates a character filled with contradictions, an ambiguous figure who is not defined by his sexuality alone. At the heart of Hunky Dory… there’s a certifiably oddball but legitimate take on the modern dysfunctional family, writes “The Hollywood Reporter”. 

Malwina Grochowska

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28 Oct, 18:15 Theatre 7

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spectrum 2016

A panorama of contemporary American cinema, new feature films: ‘middle cinema’, films by renowned filmmakers, new talents, interesting phenomena.

The competitions are the focus of every film festival and The American Film Festival has two premiere competition sections. Spectrum, which is a panorama of contemporary American cinema (14 films in competition), and American Docs, where the season’s leading documentaries showing various faces of America vie for the top prize (10 films). The audience awards will go to films competing in two categories, feature and documentary. The awards in both competitions, $10,000 and $5,000, are sponsored by BNY Mellon, while the special prize is provided by the Ale kino+ cable station (offer to purchase broadcast rights).